Happy Thanksgiving Thoughts

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends! I hope your day will be filled with those you love, gathering around a table and enjoying the gift of yummy food and community. I couldn't let tis day pass without naming things I'm Thankful for! It's easy to get caught up in the busyness of life (and this season, specifically!) and forget to be conscious about our blessings or constantly be in a state of wanting more, so I want to share what I'm thankful for here.

"Gratitude turns what we have into enough." -- Melanie Beattie


I'm thankful God created beauty that comes in many forms. Beauty in flowers and sunsets, landscapes, marriages, joyous occasions, but also in the broken, messy parts of life. I will always love this quote by Ann Voskamp from her book One Thousand Gifts, “I want to see beauty. In the ugly, in the sink, in the suffering, in the daily, in all the days before I die, the moments before I sleep.”

I'm thankful that God created us in His image, which means we were also created to create. Being able to design client homes and conceptualize our workshops is a passion of mine, stemming from the talents the Lord has given me to be creative.

I'm so thankful for my family. It's really hard to live across the country for them (my brother and sister in law in Dallas and my parents and extended family all in California), I'm not going to sugar coat it! But knowing they are there, healthy, and supportive of us is so encouraging. We treasure the time we get to spend with them even more, being so far away. I'm also thankful for the way my parent's raised us. It's something I don't take for granted!

Of course I'm thankful for my husband, who shows me so much love, even when I don't deserve it. he's helpful around the house (and can make scrambled eggs like no one else!), is supportive of my dreams and business(es) and truly has a heart for Jesus. He's the most precious gift.

I'm so grateful for a warm place to call home. It's small as can be, but we love it! I'm also thankful my husband let's me decorate pretty much however I want, but of course I'm mindful of his style, too ;) 

Although a lot of work, we just adore our puppy, Lincoln! Since getting him, we've been doing more things outside together which has been so fun. In the summer we went to the dog park a few times a week and I just loved getting outside. Lincoln's taught us about patience (ha!), unconditional love, loyalty, and not to take ourselves too seriously. It's amazing how furry friends steal your heart so quickly!

I'm incredibly thankful for sweet friends. When I moved to Michigan almost 4 years ago I was most nervous about finding a community of friends. God has blessed me beyond measure with our church, which is where I found almost all of my good friends! I'm in a cooking club with some girlfriends and that's been really sweet.

* Photos by Ashley Slater Photography from our workshop in Dallas, TX in October

As we have a friend in the ICU fighting for his life, we are very mindful of our health. We know this is not a guarantee, so I am extremely thankful that we are healthy. I'll be honest and tell you that I have anxiety over getting sick or someone I know being sick, but I'm trying to learn that I can trust the Lord with those fears. No matter what may come, He is good. 

Then there's other things I'm thankful for, like my job and being able to work for myself, for our cars and clothes, and food in our fridge. For freedom to believe what we want and attend church, for kind people, and for little joys like wonderful smelling dish soap, a crackling candle, fresh flowers, and getting snail mail. Even the little things are worth celebrating and writing out. Again, Ann Voskamp says it so well, “And when I give thanks for the seemingly microscopic, I make a place for God to grow within me.”

And of course, I'm thankful for all of you who come here each day or week to read what's going on in this corner of the web. I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving day!! 


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Gift Guide: For the Home

We're only a few days away from the best dinner of the year! This year I got asked to make my rosemary mashed potatoes again and I'm really excited (and honored...ha!) to do it! The first Thanksgiving with my husband's family I made a raspberry marshmallow jello that we have always had on Thanksgiving with my family since I can remember. Well, nobody touched the jello except for my husband (then boyfriend) who I forced. I was offended, I'll be honest...ha! Turns out they aren't jello people (and for the record, neither am I, but I love this one). Well, last year I asked if I could make my mom's mashed potato recipe. My mother in law said yes, but I was so nervous over the previous years' flop! Everyone ended up loving the potatoes, I was so relieved. Even better, I got asked to make them again...hooray!

Incase you're looking for a recipe, I do about one russet potato per person attending the meal. We usually make 10-15lbs. After boiling them to get them soft, I mash them up, then put them (usually in two batches) in a kitchen aid mixer. I add a few tablespoons at a time of milk so it's not too runny, then a tablespoon or two of sour cream, almost a full stick of butter, lots of salt and pepper, about a teaspoon or two of minced garlic from a jar, and then about two teaspoons of thinly chopped rosemary. They are so tasty! I taste as I go to see if they need more of anything.
Anyways, the point of today's blog is to give you a gift guide for the home, not tell you about mashed potatoes, but I couldn't resist! Onto the gift guide:
magnolia hearth & hand wreath / herringbone vase / letterboard / rose gold frame / rose copper candlesticks / pineapple / white pouf / white ball lamp / retro kitchen copper timer / gold tray / candle / gold metallic pillow / Beautiful All American Decorating book / You Are My Home sign / Coasters 
I love so many things on this board! I'd love any of them as gifts for my home. A few stand out pieces are the gorgeous copper candlesticks, delicious smelling oatmeal cookie (seriously one of my favorites. Mine from last year just ran out!), the sweet magnolia lambs ear wreath for target that's perfect for any season, and the wood sign. This sign in particular is really special, I think, and something I'm learning as my family lives across the country. My husband is my home! 

Sometimes giving friends and family gifts for their home feels too personal, but if you know them well enough, you should be able to find something meaningful and beautiful. Something on the generic side, like coasters, is a great way to go if you know their color scheme! These come in so many colors, it'd be easy to find one that would fit. Going for something neutral is always a great idea as well. It's my personal belief that no one can have too many trays (okay, maybe that's not quite true!) so a neutral or metallic tray would make a great gift. They're awesome for holding mail, tv remotes, jewelry, and generally housing the clutter!

Here are a few more gift ideas thrown in below:

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What gifts do you love receiving for your home?
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Gift Guide: Personalized Gifts

Like I've said before, gift giving is my love language (side note: have you read the 5 Love Languages?!) I learned I don't have to be embarrassed about this. I love receiving AND giving gifts! Nothing makes me happier when I'm putting together a gift and find a way to personalize it a little more. Be it a gift tag, some custom calligraphy, their initial on the item, or -- good heavens -- a monogram! I'm all about it. I think it makes the giftee feel extra special that you thought of them even further!

Today's Friday Finds are all personalized gifts for your loved ones and friends:
Personalized Initial Necklace / Monogram Marble Serving Board / Initial Gold Ornament / Classic Monogram Mug/ Monogram Hook / Clutch with Gold Monogram / Plaid Scarf (monogram optional!)/ Swell Water Bottle / Umbrella / Personalized Pillow / Tie Trio for Men

Okay, if you're been a reader here for long, you're probably thinking I included that kate spade initial necklace last year in my gift guide. Sure did! #noshame. It's a tried and true, perfect gift for friends or sisters with little ones. Get their baby's name initial engraved and you've just won a million points for that new mama!

This sleek and practical clutch (with a gold monogram, of course!) is so great. It has a spot for everything you need!

I also adore these initial hooks. We have them in our entry and they spell out HOME as you walk up the stairs, doing double duty for decor AND practical space to hang coats.

I just added this umbrella to my wish list because it covers so well. It's like a full on sphere over your head, making sure rain doesn't come in from all side angles ;) I take our pup outside in the rain sometimes and I feel like this would make it more enjoyable.

This gold initial ornament has my heart. It's so feminine and sweet. I love getting things like this and attaching them to the outside of a gift, just for an added cute-factor!
Finally, I thought I'd give a little something for the men. If you have a business-man in your life, this trio of a tie, pocket square and socks might be great!
Alright, spill. Do you like giving personalized gifts?! 

Couldn't sign off for the weekend without giving you some sales. Anthropologie: 20% off sweaters and tops. This is probably my favorite one!!

LOFT: $25 off dresses, skirts and cardigans.

Pottery Barn, West Elm and the whole Williams Sonoma Brand: up to 70% off!

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Happy Weekend!
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Gift Guide: For the Hostess

It's pretty much officially that time of year! I heard Christmas music on the radio the other day and I wasn't even mad about it ;) Next week we're getting our tree and I can't wait to decorate it (I showed you the inspiration here). It's also time to start thinking about holiday gifts! For someone like me, who's love language is gifts, this is a really fun time of year. For others, this can cause a lot of stress. I'm hoping to help you cut the stress by coming up with a bunch of really sweet and thoughtful gifts for your loved ones. Today we're kicking off the gift guide series with gifts for the hostess. 

My mom always taught me to bring a little gift over when you get invited to a party at someone's house as a thank you, so these can be hostess gifts, or gift ideas for those who love to entertain! 

1. Hello Lovely Mug: Mugs with encouraging or fun sayings on them is never a bad gift idea. I love filling mugs with a gift card, candy, peppermint bark, or something else for an added surprise!

2. Oven Mit & Pot Holder: How cute are these holiday prints?! I think it'd be so fun to be able to pull out Christmas themed kitchen accessories. And if someone is throwing a holiday party, chances are they'd also love it!

3. Marble & Gold Feather Coasters:  Everyone loves marble and gold, but this coaster design is made unique with the feather pattern in each one. It's simple and neutral, so it will go with any style. 
4. Monogram Marble Cutting Board: Any hostess will love a cheese board / cutting board, especially if it's a pretty marble tone. Perfect for setting cheese and crackers out on for their next gathering.
5. Mr. & Mrs. Champagne Flutes: This one is for the newlyweds or newly-engaged couples, of course!
6. Slow Cooker Cookbook: Honestly, this is on here because I need this book ;) I want to try more crockpot meals this winter since they're easy and homey. I think giving a cookbook as a gift to someone who loves to entertain is a no-brainer.
7. Gold Spiced Candle: this candle smells amazing (it's a wonderful spiced holiday scent!) and it's really pretty and festive with the gold hue.
8. Hand Lotion: Yummy hand lotions are a great gift! This one's scent is divine. It's citrus mimosa, and let me tell you-- they ain't lying about that scent! It's refreshing and soothing and totally safe for your skin. Any hostess who does a lot of dishes after the parties needs an amazing lotion to finish with ;)
9. Hearth & Hand Dish Towel: If the hostess loves Joanna Gaines, this is the perfect gift! A set of two dish towels from the new Magnolia for Target collection.
10. Art of the Bar Cart Recipe Book: Another fun cookbook, but this time for the cocktails. This has such a cute cover, you could leave it out on your coffee table all year round!
11. Picture Frame: The shape and blush pink color caught my eye on this frame. I thought this would be a cute one to frame signature cocktail drinks in for a party!

12. Grapefruit Soap: Another amazing smelling product! Anyone who likes to host is very familiar with doing dishes. A delicious soap will help :)
Just a few more gift ideas for the hostess:

What do you think of these ideas? If you have some more thoughts, please add to my list in the comments!
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